Wireless Footnotes From Another Art World

#Captive Portal III: Wireless Footnotes From Another Art World, 21 - 30 Aug. "Wireless footnotes from another art world" is an experiment examining the potential of utilising open Wi-Fi networks to rethink parts of the Copenhagen art world. Twelve visual artists and writers were invited to produce work for open wireless networks that in one way or another fictionalises or challenges a particular art venue. Kaspar Bonnén, Anders Bojen, Rasmus Graff, Mathew Robin Nye, Kristoffer Akselbo & Asbjørn Skou all agreed to participate. They have each produced work that somehow relates to their respective locations, their present day activities and history. This projects is the first new project after an extended hiatus of more than a year. The Captive Portals network is springing to life again on the occasion of the Copenhagen Art Week, 21.- 30. August, now organised and carried out by Kristoffer Ørum alone. The purpose of the project is unchanged: To examine the viability of open Wi-Fi networks as a parallel to existing channels of distribution such as book stores, galleries and museums. And to explore the artistic and critical possibilities of using Wi-Fi as a medium. Captive Portal projects are always site-specific and durational, so the only chance to see these project will be at their respective physical sites in the period between August 21 to 31 (open day and night for 24 hours). You can find the specific locations of the projects on the map at http://cp.oerum.org. Bring a smartphone , a tablet or laptop along to the location and log on to the open WI-FI network ‘Captive Portal’ to enter. If you attempt to access any website, such as for example http://copenhagenartweek.dk/, you will get to see one of the following art projects: The Creative Takeover/Det kreatives magtovertagelse Kaspar Bonnén Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi Kongens Nytorv 1, 1050 København Soft Bodies Anders Bojen Fabrikken for Kunst og Design Sundholmsvej 46, 2300 KØBENHAVN S V1Tombola Rasmus Graff V1Gallery Flæsketorvet 69 - 71, 1711 København V Around the Bush while it takes a Beating Mathew Robin Nye Format Art Space Nansensgade 35, 1366 København K Ruina Kristoffer Akselbo NLH Space Vesterfælledvej 63, 1750 København Para Site Asbjørn Skou Statens Værksteder for Kunst Strandgade 27, 1401 København

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