Captive Portal is available for short-term rentals.

A 4 x 4 m2 quiet space inside of an artist studio, located in the heart of Copenhagen, with access to kitchenette, toilet and WIFI.

Event open to the public, organised by non-institutional/non-commercial actors
200 DDK
Events open to the public, organised by institutional/commercial actors
1.000 DDK
For profit events
10% of total profits
Private meeting or workshop
1.500 DDK
Projector, screen and rental
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All prices are pr. hour and ex. VAT - We are open to in kind payment, and barter if you are low on financial resources.

Please note that Captive Portal is a "thin" institution, run on minimal resources and with a low service policy. The space, 8 Chairs, a table, an electrical kettle, a fridge, water, electricity, heating and mediocre Wi-Fi are what we provide and nothing more. Visitors are expected to cater for themselves, clean up their own mess and behave respectfully in the studio environment.

Fredericiagade 12b, 1253 Copenhagen K.